About Wildcat

The story of Wildcat Investments begins in December of 1999. Gregg Majewski, a University of Kentucky graduate and loyal fan of the University’s mascot, founded Wildcat Investments while he was COO/CFO of Jimmy John’s Enterprises Inc., the franchisor for the Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwich franchise.

With its skilled and dedicated staff of more than 500, Wildcat currently operates 9 Jimmy John’s locations in Ohio and Alabama, and remains one of the largest Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwich franchisees. In 2005, Gregg entered the Chicago market with his first original concept, Jerseys Pizza & Grill that he has been operating successfully since. In 2006, he launched his second original concept, Patty Burger. Gregg operated Patty Burger for 5 years until the building in which it was located sold. The new owners made plans to convert the building from commercial office to residential housing, so Gregg had to make plans to relocate the store. On February 12, 2014, Westchester, Ohio (just outside of Cincinnati) became Patty Burger’s new home. Patty Burger is one of the originals in the “better-burger” segment Gregg helped pioneer.

Wildcat Investments is expected to see additional growth as these two concepts are both in development to franchise in the near future.